Monday, 8 August 2011

No 22 Mother Nature

Angel of Love

Inspired by

Angel of Love poem
by ~Skyistheguy

High above the clouds do I sit
In the deep blue sky I live
Watching the world beneath me
Gazing at its beauty

I am an angel of love,
Sitting in the sky, looking down from my paradise.
The endless plains of emerald grass
The beautiful ocean that sparkles like diamonds
And the majestic powerful mountains that can never falter.

From my floating paradise, I sigh dreamy sighs
Never can I stop gazing down at the sweet earth below
Never can I stop breathing the sweet air above
I want to stay like this, sitting forever, never opening my wings

And yet…
The earth’s emerald plains have suffered stains
Stains from my tears as I watch
Countless times have I succumbed to this cold piercing loneliness.
All the singing birds, all the scurrying rodents, and all the loving creatures of this planet…
Could never fill this emptiness inside my heart.
Credits with thanks

Texture Spiritsighs 12

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  1. Veron, such beautiful words to accompany a totally amazing image. Bravo!!!!